We at Corrit Electric believe that understanding consumer needs, barriers, attitudes and aspirations is the only way to unlock new solutions that identify whitespace and uncover emergent opportunities.

At a R&D level, each and every stakeholder from the company set aside their assumptions and gather real insights that are relevant to the challenge and actionable for the design team. Once we’ve formulated the challenge into a clear articulation, we can move into the ideation phase with confidence and clear focus.
With a deep understanding of your consumer and a focused, well-articulated challenge to solve, team starts to develop potential solutions. This phase is where creativity is unleashed on the intelligence—where the rubber meets the road.

Throughout this stage, proposed solutions are improved, redesigned or improvised through a series of reviews and critiques from the broader team.
We have a proven and dedicated engineering and R&D team who take ideas right from the sketch table and convert it into a working prototype. Irrespective of the number of attempts and working, team ensures a robust execution of the work passed on by the design team.

Before a product is even introduced to the audience, it has gone through a full life cycle of testing to ensure our tribe gets the best out there.
Finished product
We are Corrit Electric ensures quality end product. Our products have gone through rigorous testing to meet the safety Standards, and to give a unique driving experience to our users.
Corrit Connect
With Corrit electric 2-wheelers, you can get to know your vehicle in & out through
our cutting-Edge bluetooth-connected mobile app. the app keeps you incharge of
your vehicle and lets you monitor every vital parameter- in a few taps
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Keyless Ignition
Generate Reports
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Hover is a premium Electric 2W made by Corrit Electric at the heart of innovation and design. In a spirit to bring fat tyre scooter riding, in EV, for the masses, the company has made a high-comfort, classy but affordable 2W for the public.

Hover 1.0 was the first model launched by the company in 2021. It was the talk of the town as it was pegged to be the country’s first indigenously made fat tyre electric scooter. Hover 2.0 is an upgraded version of Hover 1.0 and has taken the design a notch above along with some best in class features like GPS, Reverse Mode and premium storage.

Hover 1.0 still happens to be first choice of school and college going students. It’s smart, casual yet classy design clicks with teenage mindset right away. Hover 2.0 has become a rage among young office goers, women and old people. While women and adults are buying it for an additional stability besides looks while young office goers are going forward for sheer looks and comfort.

EVs are absolutely safe if engineered and tested properly. Corrit Electric runs with ‘Safety First’ approach where our vehicles are tested in India and are meant for Indian Roads. Our vehicles are tested thoroughly for over 50,000 kms before we launch them for public.

Hover can be easily charged at home. We give chargers with each of our bikes that can be charged with 3-pin sockets. For the riders, who live in apartments, they have the option to carry their batteries to their respective homes and charge as the battery is portable one.

EV batteries are to be used in a similar sense and method as mobile phones. If rationalised properly and managed well in terms of charging, the Range issue will not show up. EV culture needs to be adopted in India as it has been the case in the West. Govt is already doing its best to create a healthy charging Infra in the country and soon charging stations will be as easily available as Petrol Pumps.

Hover bookings can be made online via website. We are partnered with Razorpay for all our online payments. Alternatively, users can make a booking at our offline stores too.

In case your booking is stuck and money is debited, you can directly call us at our customer care or mail us at support@corritelectric.com and we will assist you immediately in the process.

Yes, you shall get a booking confirmation on your registered email as soon as you make the booking, We will also keep updating you as your order passes each milestone from order booking through delivery confirmation.

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